Professional Dungeon Master to provide you with the most epic of adventures

Is your life missing that adventure you so crave? Have you always wondered about tabletop Role Playing games but never had anyone to play with? Do you and your friends want to get into a tabletop Role Playing game adventure but are running into the classic issue of everyone wanting to play but no one wanting to run the game?

Well, let an established, professional Dungeon Master run the game for you online!


Years of experience to provide you an Epic Adventure.

My Names Mike and I have been playing variants of Tabletop Roleplaying games for 34 years. I have over 10 years of Dungeon Master Experience. I also run a successful Twitch campaign and I am ready to put all that experience to use creating an epic world for you to play through.

Whether you and your friends want to run a one shot adventure or persistent campaign let’s make your time in your Fantasy Realm an epic experience.

Check out some testimonials below.

"As a new player myself I'm happy to reccomend Mike as a DM. He walked the party through all the steps explaining things as we went. Perfect for a night with friends and always a ton of fun! "-YottsTwitch

"Engaging, witty, and helpful as a DM, Mike easily keeps his players involved with his ideas. He keeps the game progressing smoothly, even when his players head off on a tangent and do something unexpected." -Luna

"If you are looking for a great adventure that isn't just a run of the mill by the numbers story but has a living breathing world Mike is the man for the job. He doesn't just write a main story he fleshes out the world and gives you real depth!" -Zack


It's time for you to begin your Journey...

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