Tabletop Tavern | Episode 34 | “Night of Terrors”

When last we left off, The party was in the inn while Davdithas revealed some of his personal history. Near the end of reliving and relating his past to the party, a door loudly banged open. Was it friend or foe? Tune in to this weeks episode of the Tabletop Tavern to find out!


Cast: Mike | Dungeomaster.

 YottsTwitch | Mihaly | Human Sorcerer

Decider12 | Davdithas | Half-Elf Cleric

Cykl0neJack | Gunnar | Human Barbarian

Luna | Idabrix | Halfing Rogue

Live every Sunday from 9:00PM ET until 12:01 AM ET



Check out this episode of the Tabletop Tavern.

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